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Stall Cancellation Guidelines:

:- No refunds on cancellation will be made once the stall/cart/activity booking is made.
:- No refunds will be made in case of pandemic/epidemic/natural causes like earthquakes, wild fire, rain and floods.
:- No refunds will be made once the stall has been set up in the market.

Covid Related Guideline:

● All members of the workforce must be fully vaccinated.
● On the days of the event, all staff members must carry their vaccination certificates.
● All exhibitors and staff must wear face masks and/or face shields.
● In the periphery of the allocated stalls, all exhibitors will be responsible for maintaining social distancing and avoiding overcrowding.
● Each exhibitor should have one hand sanitizer and a sanitizing disinfectant spray on hand at their stall.
● To the best of their abilities, all exhibitors must attempt to make contactless service as easy as possible.

Space Guidelines:

● The allotment of stalls shall be at the sole discretion of the event organizers. Stalls once booked are non-transferable & no subletting of stalls will be allowed. Any exhibitor found in violation of said condition will be penalized, with the amount of fine/penalty to be decided by the event organizers.
● Exhibitors must display clearly and distinctly the discounts offered by them on the products at their allotted stall.
● No branding/standee or any additional material should be placed outside any allocated stall area.
● Exhibitors must use proper protection to save their products from dew during the night and the sun during the day.
● Roll Up standees/ flex branding are strictly not allowed at the event.
● The requisite GST certificate is to be displayed on the respective cart/stall/truck and no extra lighting is allowed at the stalls.
● For billing purposes, exhibitors must have a card machine ready and also offer guests the option for Paytm /UPI/Gpay transfers/payments.
● Bills must be provided with all purchases by all exhibitors. Any fines due to non-compliance with the following rule will be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor in question. Exhibitors indemnify the organizers against any such action by the GST department taken due to non compliance .
● The brand name should appear exactly the same everywhere, considering So Delhi has/will promote it in the same manner on their social media platforms and website.
● Exhibitors must manage the crowds at their stalls on their own in an efficient manner.
● No furniture/displays can be placed outside the allotted stall.
● No extra music/PA systems are allowed at the allotted stall.
● Exhibitors are required to arrange their own extra storage near the venue like in their cars etc., organizers will not be held responsible for providing any extra storage areas or for any loss of material inside the festival or parking premises.