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Why THE MAD WEEKEND? Because nothing can be remembered without a touch of extraordinary in it. Music. Art. Dance. We are bringing this ‘weekend escape’ to the people of Delhi for the first time because such an idea didn’t exist yet. Not anymore, with fun activities for engagement of the people to large dance crews dancing on favourite tunes of the people in a dance battle like the last dance with all the MAD in them. 

Music that will be sung and played by renowned artists and musicians has a special place for it in this Weekend Festival. Along with artists all over the town, we will camp in the fest for these 2 days who have perfected themselves in their respective arts like, Face Painting, Tattoo Making, Hair Braiding, Quirky caricatures, photographers, thread arts and many surprises from Team Just4you for the utter and absolute entertainment for our attendees and most importantly F&B will be set up by the best in town.

As we all know, FOOD CAPITAL OF INDIA – NEW DELHI! We are bringing in the best with the idea of giving the best to the people who are ready to unleash the M.A.D in them.